Blockchain Lottery Token with BNB Rewards for All Holders


Awesome Bacon

Bacon project is the best opportunity to earn
passive income and multiply your balance.

BNB Rewards

5% of every transaction reflects to
all $BACON holders in BNB. Auto
claim every few hours.

Lottery for Diamond Hands

2% of each transaction stores in a lottery
pot. Our app rewards 100 diamond hands
(no sells in 7 days) every sunday.

10,000 Passive Income NFTs

All buyers will be whitelisted for passive
income NFTs. Bacon lottery apps will
distribute profit among NFT holders.

Holders Security

We believe that the safety of contributors is the most important part of a successful project.

10 Years LP Lock

Liquidity pool will be locked for 10 years.

Contract Audit

$BACON token's smart contract code is audited by InterFi Network.

Anti Whale Protection

One person can hold no more than 3% of $BACON tokens. It prevents whale manipulations.

Bacon Passive Income NFTs

In March, we are going to release 10 000 NFTs. All NFT holders will have passive income from 3 sources:
- NFT purchases made by others;
- Big Bacon Lottery App;
- Admin Lottery Service.

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Every purchase transaction is taxed in the amount of 13% which is divided into five protocols. The smart contract discourages sales because the seller is required to pay an 18% tax on sells.

BNB Rewards 5%

People's balances grow automatically by just holding $BACON. 5% of every transaction reflects to $BACON holders in BNB.

Lottery 2%

$BACON holders can win BNB coins once a week. Every Sunday our app transfers BNBs to 100 random $BACON investors.

Liquidity 2%

Bigger liquidity always means that swapping $BACON in and out of the liquidity pool fluctuates prices in a smaller degree.

Buyback 1%

Our team waits for the right moment, then buys $BACON tokens from the liquidity pool and sends them to the burn address.

Marketing & Development 3%

This allows us to keep the token popular and develop the project according to the roadmap.

Ultimate Apps
That We Build

Our priority goal is to develop unique applications that will generate income for Bacon (token and NFT) holders.

Admin Lottery Service

The first of its kind lottery service, which can be used by admins of any crypto projects.

Big Bacon Lottery App

Everybody will be able to buy lottery tickets and win amounts from small wins up to jackpot.

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PinkSale Presale

You can take part in our presale on PinkSale. All presale contributors will be whitelisted for the Passive Income Bacon NFTs!

  • Total supply: 10,000,000
  • Presale rate: 48,000
  • Listing rate: 44,500
  • Soft cap: 50 BNB
  • Hard cap: 100 BNB
  • LP lock: 10 years
  • Start Time: 2022.02.12 15:00 (UTC)
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Our main task is to develop unique applications that will generate passive income for Bacon investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can see the most frequently asked questions. If you haven't found the answer to your question, then feel free to contact our team.

$BACON is a hyper-deflationary token with a lottery feature and a lot of profit opportunities for all holders. $BACON has 5 protocols: BNB rewards, Lottery, Liquidity, Buyback, and Marketing & Development. All of these protocols were developed to withstand any fluctuations and make $BACON a strong token.

Yes, it does. Every purchase transaction is taxed at 13%:
  • 5% of each purchase transaction is taken to reward holders;
  • 2% is pulled into the lottery pot;
  • 1% is kept in the buyback wallet;
  • 2% is pulled to the liquidity pool for standing fluctuations;
  • 3% is sent to the marketing & development department to attract more investors.
Each sale transaction is taxed at the rate of 18%.

Yes, the liquidity of $BACON token is locked for 10 years.

The Bacon ecosystem will expand. There will be at least 3 more great projects:
  1. Release 10 000 NFTs with passive income - 5% of each purchase will go to the $BACON holders, another 5% will go to the NFT holders;
  2. Big Bacon Lottery App - high chance to win BNB. 5% of each lottery ticket purchase will go to the $BACON holders, and another 5% will go to the NFT holders.
  3. Admin Lottery Service - an opportunity for other projects to arrange a lottery among their users. ⅓ of income will go to the $BACON holders, ⅓ will go to the NFT holders.

The main features of the Bacon project are passive income (from multiple sources) for holders and a lottery.
$BACON holders will receive passive income from 4 sources: BNB rewards protocol, NFT sells, Big Bacon Lottery App, and the Admin Lottery Service.
In addition, every week there will be an opportunity to win BNB for those who will be holding $BACON tokens during the week.

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